Yoga - how practicing it positively affects one mentally and physically and may even help to prevent and assist in the treatment of a number of the most common ailments that jeopardize our vitality and health.

For yoga beginners or those who have never tried the practice before, it may look intimidating watching someone bend backward or lift their legs over their head. You don’t have to do handstands to benefit from yoga. Even simple, easy poses can do wonders for your health to help you look and feel good.

Some types of yoga are about relaxation. In others, you move more. Most types focus on learning poses, called asanas. They also usually include attention to breathing.

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While yoga is already a personal and flexible practice in its own right, some people choose to take additional measures to make the practice even more intimate. Many people choose to incorporate healing crystals or gemstones in order to achieve a more personalized practice.

You must check out some of the following most used crystals for the best benefits they can provide you during your Yoga practice.


Many people choose to set a specific intention prior to stepping onto their yoga mats, whether that be mental clarity, focus, or peace. Whatever your intention may be, citrine can help you achieve it.

Citrine has a very vibrant energy that will give you the push you need to attain your goals. As you move through your yoga practice, citrine will also provide you with a spark of energy and passion. Citrine evokes the element of fire, and it will put a blaze in your spirit that will help you move toward your goals with determination and tenacity. 

For best practices using citrine!

Try placing citrine crystal stones around your yoga mat or wear citrine orgonite products. Or you can create an altar with a bowl of them for you to gaze at while you hold your poses.

Clear quartz

Mental clarity and peace play large roles in a successful yoga practice. If you frequently find your mind wandering while you’re trying to maintain tree pose, consider incorporating a clear quartz crystal in your practice.

Clear quartz enhances your energy flow and enables you to reach a higher plane of spiritual awareness. This is particularly beneficial during yoga, as it enables you to set and achieve more intention throughout the practice.

It will also help you practice more mindful meditation, which can be particularly useful during shavasana. For all these reasons and more, clear quartz is one of the best crystals for yoga.


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