Why do you need to start using crystals?

Why do you need to start using crystals?

Healing crystals have seen a rising trend in popularity in recent years. This has happened largely because of the widespread of social media that enabled the people to gain an insight into the magical powers of these crystals. Apart from this, many celebrities and cosmetic brands have started endorsing these crystals which have led to their fan base to believe in their powers. It’s not like the crystals have suddenly appeared out of nowhere and are trying to set foot into man’s world. These crystals have been there with us for millennia and our ancestors have already used them for a lot of purposes, be it for gaining wisdom, increasing meditative capabilities, treating illnesses or aiding in the journey after death. There are still numerous reasons for which these healing crystals can prove to be helpful and even if we list them here, we would still be scratching only the surface. Healing crystals are a vast area of study and even today there might be many crystals and their properties that have remained hidden from the human world. However, from the knowledge that we do have on this subject, we can clearly say that if you have not yet started using them for your own good, then you should immediately do so without any further ado.

One of the basic things that an amateur must understand about the crystals is that utilizing their healing powers for your benefit is just like following a diet or fitness regime, if you don’t put in your efforts, you won’t get the results. One must abandon the assumption that merely buying crystals and keeping them with you will lead to a better life. These crystals are just a medium that is going to guide you in your journey to achieve the balance between your mind, body and soul. Every crystal is different from the other and vibrates at a different frequency than the other. These vibrations and energies of the crystals can be used to align the seven chakras or energy centers that reside inside the human body. Crystals help to clear blockages from these chakras and restore the balance between them. If these chakras are balanced and have a constant flow of energy flowing through them, only then will your body is going to be in a good physical and mental state. 

Many people are often confused about how to select the right crystal for healing. This can be a very time-consuming process because not every crystal is meant for you. What you could do is just hold a crystal in your hand and charge it by thinking about what purpose you wish to serve by using it. If you notice some sensation such as a small rise in your pulse, calmness or tranquility then it means that the particular crystal is best suited for you and it will help you to achieve what you want in life. For example, if you hold a Carnelian in your hand then it will get your creativity flowing. If you hold Rose Quartz then it will open your heart to intake love and compassion. With amethyst, you can seek peace of mind and with black tourmaline, you can get rid of negative entities from your life. 

Crystals are one of the most precious gifts given to mankind by nature. There is a lot of controversy around these crystals with some people saying that they are nothing but a hoax and they wonder if they have any powers at all. But in the end, it all depends upon your own personal experience with these crystals and also on how effectively you are able to open up your mind and heart to embark on the beautiful journey. 

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