Why Do Crystals Lose or Change their Color?

Crystals are valued for their metaphysical qualities; their impact on human behaviour and health. But a lot of people don’t care much about those aspects, and like crystals for their decorative and aesthetic value.
For such people, aspects like the beautiful colours, crystalline patterns, and the natural beauty behind how the crystal is formed are more important. Sometimes crystals lose or change their colour, and if you’re someone who likes crystals for their looks, you probably didn’t spend the time learning much about your crystal and why this might happen.
Crystals have many things going on inside of their structures. There are activities that we can’t possibly notice with our basic human eyes. A crystal in sunlight shows a lot more noticeable changes than it does in any other kind of light.
So before we address how the colour changed, or your crystal became cloudy on the inside, it’s necessary to read and study their behaviour in natural sunlight.
Most likely, you will notice this change in your crystal after you’ve been working with it for a while. It can be a really good sign actually! It means that your interactions with your crystal have worked in a way, that it left its mark on the crystal lattice. It means that the crystal’s energy exchange has turned into physical mater evidence that you can see!
This state altering massive energy exchange could have been caused by anything. That’s for you to analyze and figure out, what the exact reason is. But more likely, you already know because such massive energy exchanges are so impactful, they cannot have gone unnoticed.
It also means that your crystal needs recharging. Recharging a crystal involves an uncomplicated process with saltwater and cleansing.
So if you have noticed a change in the physical state of your crystal, it is important to know what exactly is going on in your life because of the crystal to better determine the root cause of these changes. That means, it is not a situation that requires you to freak out.

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