Who should not wear Tiger’s eye stone?

Who should not wear Tiger’s eye stone?
Tiger’s eye is a stone that represents power, courage and fearlessness of a tiger, which is a popular animal that is worshipped throughout history and across the world.
In Chinese culture, both ancient and present, the tiger is one of the twelve zodiac animals. In fact, the tiger is more important than the lion in Eastern cultures as they view it as the King of Beasts.
The energy embedded in the Tiger’s Eye stone gives us the power to stay fully manifested in this plane of existence, rulers of your own body and kings and queens of our thoughts and spirit.
Tiger Eyes Crystal
This stone is also used to fight the negative energies that tend to harm you and your loved ones. Darkness and negative energies melt away as you begin to work more closely with this stone.
Tigers’ Eye is considered to be a good stone for the root as well as the sacral chakra. It opens your sacral chakra and fills it with energy that makes you feel energetic and powerful.
This also helps you to discover your true purpose in life and enhances your will power. Tiger’s eye stimulates the root chakra which helps to maintain balance in your life and brings stability to it.
Tiger’s eye should not be worn by people whose zodiac signs are ruled by planets like Venus and Saturn. For Taurians & Librans who are ruled by Venus, this stone can make them fail in many endeavours of life.
It can also extract energy from them, thereby making them dull and lethargic. Capricorn and Aquarius should also use this cautiously because these signs are ruled by Saturn. If these people wear this stone, then it can rob them of their peace and make them feel more agitated and disturbed.
If you use this crystal wisely, you will be able to find the courage to do what’s right and find genuine happiness. The energy that you will get from this stone will help you make tough decisions with understanding and discernment.

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