White Agate- Healing Benefits & Properties

White Agate has been a significant stone for more than 3000 years now. It was used by the pharaohs for making seal stones, cooking vessels, and protection talismans. It was always a stone of importance to many cultures like it is even today.
These days, its mass usage is more practical. Because of how hard it is on the Mohs scale, it is used in industrial work like burnishing tools, precision pendulums, etc. This serene white crystal makes for beautiful jewelry and has supreme metaphysical capabilities to regulate emotions and mental health for its user. Read on to learn more about white Agate!
This stone is highly beneficial for people who have had recent troubling times. It is a stone of balance and release of emotions. These days the number of people who have trouble expressing their emotions is increasing, and the need for a White Agate in those people’s proximity is evermore.
White Agate is well known for balancing the feminine and masculine sides of people too. This is a problem which is experienced by most people without even being aware of it. Every person has aspects of both genders, and the right balance can give you a better perspective and better understanding of the opposite gender too.
On a daily basis, White Agate brings relief for people who have stressful routines and are prone to frustration and anger. Its use in energy work and healing is impeccable. Some people believe they are constantly surrounded by demons and their energy is constantly polluted by unseen powers.
Well, White Agate brings good news for them, since it attracts angelic energy to fight the demons outside and inside your head, along with raising your spirit and giving you positive vibes.
All in all, this is the stone you were looking for, if you lack mental clarity, require stability and grounding, and are very short on positivity in life. With White Agate, you can feel more confident in executing your skills, have new doors of opportunity open for you, and improve mental functions to help you think clearly.

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