Which Hand to Wear Crystal Bracelet?

Which Hand to Wear Crystal Bracelet

Crystal jewelry has seen a rising trend in recent years. It has gained a lot of popularity because people have become increasingly aware of the powers that these crystals possess and have experienced it themselves. These stones have made a significant change to the lives of the people around the world by making it more lively and blissful. These stones are generally kept at home or at office desks to maximize their healing power upon an individual since these are the areas where one usually spends a lot of time. However, few of the crystals in existence have a large size or are placed in a pyramid kind of structure which is not quite handy to carry. It is at this particular point that the crystal jewelry comes into play as it can be easily carried everywhere you go and adds a fashion statement as well. These features have resulted in the jewelry being used on a large scale around the world.

One can wear the crystal jewelry according to the stone that it carries and the type of problem the particular individual is facing. Different crystals have different healing properties and hence cannot be worn on the same hand all the time. As a matter of fact, each hand of your body responds to these crystals in its own way. For example, if you wear any crystal on your left wrist, then it will make changes within your body whereas if you wear crystal bracelet on your right wrist, then you will notice changes in the environment around you.

Generally, the left side of a human body is considered to be receptive in nature. It deals with your internal self and helps to control the stress from the outside world. Wearing a crystal bracelet on your left wrist will bring significant changes inside you by making you less stressful and injecting positive energy inside your body. Doing this also protects you from the negative energies around you that are hampering your success. For example, wearing a black tourmaline bracelet on the left wrist will absorb the negativity inside you. Wearing rose quartz bracelet on your left wrist will make you love yourself more.

The right side of a human body controls the energies that an individual sends in the outside environment. This side of the human body is giving in nature and hence controls the energy that you put into the environment around you. If you wish to impart the energy from the crystals to your colleagues or send it outwards, then wear the bracelet on your right wrist. For example, if you wear black tourmaline on your right wrist, it will guard your family against toxic vibes and if you wear amethyst on your right wrist, then it will create a soothing environment around you.

The hand on which you should wear the bracelet depends upon how you wish to utilize the power of crystals.

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