Which Crystals Can Help With Acne?

Which Crystals Can Help With Acne

Everyone wants to look handsome and beautiful and hates to even think about the idea of getting acne on their face. But the sad reality is that everyone has to face or has faced this problem at least once in their lifetime. Acnes are most likely to occur during puberty or are caused as a result of skin infection or a bad diet. Though having acne is not dangerous, but it can leave scars on your skin which surely spoils your look for those important parties or office meetings. Crystal healing has a wide area of applications and treating acne problems is one of those areas. There are crystals in existence that can help to resolve the skin-related issues that lead to the formation of acne. These crystals can be used by placing them on the affected area or by carrying them with you wherever you go. Below is a list of crystals that can help to cure acne:

1. Bloodstone: This purifying stone cleanses your blood and helps in removing the toxins in it, thereby promoting healthy skin. It is said that most of the problems are a result of a bad digestive system. Bloodstone is also used to improve your digestive system which, if not properly balanced, can lead to the development of acne on your skin. This stone can also be used to cure skin rashes and infections.

2. Aventurine: This stone is used when acne is in its developmental stage. Aventurine has anti-inflammatory properties that heal the skin and remove the bacteria that may lead to an infection in the future. The best way to use this crystal is to keep it submerged in the water overnight and use that water the next day to wash your skin. Since this water is charged by the Aventurine, it will help to remove the toxic elements from your skin.

3. Rhodonite: It is believed that anxiety and stress can also lead to acne issues. Rhodonite is a crystal that is used to reduce the stress and promote a healthy mind which leads to the prevention of acne. You can use the water energized by this crystal for bathing or can even wear this crystal to experience its healing powers.

4. Moonstone: Considered to be one of the most soothing stones in existence, the moonstone is the best crystal that can be used to treat the acne issue. Moonstone emits vibrations that help to stabilize your mind and keep you calm during stressful situations. Moonstone is also known to heal your skin by removing the bacteria and other toxins that create infections. You can wear the moonstone in the form of a pendant or a ring to heal your skin and get rid of acne problems.

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