Which Crystals are good for Diabetes

Which Crystals are good for Diabetes

One of the most difficult and mentally disturbing illness is diabetes. This medical condition can happen to anyone at any stage of life. Diabetes not only takes a toll on your health but also punches a hole in your pocket because of all the medical expenses. This metabolism disorder is a result of problems originating due to the pancreatic hormone, insulin, which causes high levels of blood sugar. Diabetes can be kept in check only with the help of medicines and proper exercise, but this process can also be enhanced with the help of crystals. We are not saying that crystals are a cure for diabetes. They should not be used as an option to antibiotics but should be used only as a complement. These crystals have properties that help to eradicate undue amounts of insulin from your body by regulating a consistent amount via everyday cleansing.  Following is a list of few such crystals which are helpful in keeping diabetes in check:

1. Sodalite: This is one of the most important stones to be kept with you if you wish to keep diabetes in check. The healing powers of sodalite help to cleanse the toxins out of your body and prevent erratic levels of insulin. Sodalite is also used to treat digestive disorders and strengthens metabolism and lymphatic system. It is also used to reduce stress and enhances physical endurance which helps in speedy recovery.

2. Blue Chalcedony: This crystal is a member of the quartz family and has energy that soothes and restores the balance in mind and body. The reason why it is best to use to treat diabetes is that blue chalcedony improves glucose assimilation in the cells and combats its buildup in the bloodstream. Another benefit of using this crystal is that it imparts physical energy to the diabetic patient which is useful in treating the lethargic attitude that generally surfaces in people suffering from diabetes.

3. Bloodstone: This stone has been used for ages because of its powerful healing properties. Bloodstone is generally used to purify and detoxify the body of harmful chemicals and regulate blood flow throughout the circulatory system. This crystal is also used to detoxify the liver, kidney, spleen, and bladder. Bloodstone helps to tackle fatigue in diabetic patients by removing energy blockages and ensuring a free flow of energy throughout the body.

4. Citrine: This crystal carries the powers of the sun and helps to tackle diabetes with its bright and powerful energy. The energy emitted from this crystal proves to be very energizing for diabetic patients as it promotes healthy function of metabolism, pancreas, spleen, etc. Citrine has the ability to balance the chemical imbalances in the body and enhances physical stamina and energy to a whole new level.

5. Ruby: This stone is known to burn all the toxins inside an individual and assist in recovery from a disorder like diabetes. The main problem of a diabetic patient is controlling the intake of sugar and with so many distractions around, it is often difficult to do so. Ruby encourages such people from the inside and helps them to stay firm to their goal. Ruby is also used to stimulate the kidneys and spleen by maintaining a regular flow of energy throughout your circulatory system.

The crystals mentioned above deal with the endocrine system and protect the circulatory system by correcting chemical imbalances within them. You can achieve the best results from these crystals if you carry them along with you or wear them continuously. Since diabetes is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, you can even prefer to work with them on this chakra for a few minutes every week.

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