Which crystal is best for throat chakra?

Which crystal is best for throat chakra

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra amongst the seven chakras that maintain the flow of energy inside the human body. It is located at the center of the neck, near the throat and it manages the flow of energy between the head and the lower parts of the human body. The throat chakra is the voice of the body. If this chakra is balanced, then you can efficiently communicate your emotions, beliefs or ideas. This chakra allows you to express yourself in an efficient and clear manner. If this chakra is open, a balanced flow of energy is maintained within the body and spirit. If this chakra is blocked, then it leads to symptoms like sore throat, lack of confidence while speaking, inability to express your thoughts clearly and headaches. If this chakra gets overactive, then it starts distributing too much energy and that makes you to severely criticize others or yourself. You also start to experience a distance in your relationships because of your way of communication.

Crystals have been associated with the chakras for many years now and the throat chakra is linked to crystals like lapis lazuli, blue lace agate, and turquoise to name a few. The blue lace agate crystal has a soothing energy that is used to balance the throat chakra. This stone helps to neutralize your anger and makes your communication confident and flawless. Blue lace agate tends to make you more expressive which helps others to clearly understand your thoughts. This stone is great for people who wish to speak in front of an audience as it promotes clear speech and a confident attitude. Lapis lazuli is useful in creating self-awareness, which is usually lost when the throat chakra is imbalanced. Since this is a stone that promotes honesty in your daily life, it makes you speak or write nothing but the truth. Lapis lazuli also enhances the creativity inside a person and makes him more expressive while interacting with his colleagues or friends, thereby strengthening the relations with them. Turquoise is a stone that opens up all the chakras and assists in clear communication. Whenever you feel that you are not able to express yourself clearly or having cluttered thoughts, then turquoise is your go-to solution in such cases. This stone emits energy that strengthens your overall confidence and gives you the ability to talk confidently with others. Turquoise has been used for thousands of years in the form of jewelry.

Other than these stones, the other crystals that are associated with the throat chakra are aquamarine, Angelite, blue kyanite, sodalite, and azurite. Since the throat chakra is the connecting link between your head and lower body, these crystals should be used to keep this chakra balanced and flowing with energy.

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