What’s the Difference between Polished & Raw Crystals?

Gemstones are big heaps of crystallized minerals, which are found naturally in mines and sites around the world. Most people that use crystals for healing prefer them in their natural form because that is the way their energy is mostly unaffected by other crystals.
The way crystals are polished in bulk, is by dumping them in barrels of ceramic chips and other crystals and spinning them on and on like a washing machine for 12 to 36 hours.
This process is good for producing polished eye-catching stones to make jewellery and other ornaments, but when comes to their actual healing energy, it gets seriously hampered because it’s practically like dumping 100 human beings in a ship and rolling them together for hours, and feel surprised when only a few come out without any psychological scars and life.
Not to say that the energies of polished gemstones go dormant, because these stones pick up their energies from the minerals present in them. No amount of rubbing and polishing will take that away from them.
But it is still, however, incomparable to the true, untouched energy of the raw stone. Raw stones have the advantage of being touched by less human hands, which keeps their energies unaltered. But they lack the charm and symmetry of tumbles stones which are tailor-made for jewellery and ornaments.
When stones are tumbled, they need to be tarnished 30 days straight. This can mess up their oscillatory rates, and decrease their rate of vibrations. These vibrations are what allow the crystals to do their magic.
This constant throwing around will most definitely puncture the aura of the stone. However, to avoid this from happening, many people take their raw stone stones to stonemasons who polish gemstones by hand.
This is a big upgrade from the regular tumbling and polishing process since a human’s energy is still okay compared to the energy of other stones.
Tumbles and polished stones are great for people who are too distracted by weird rough shapes and textures, especially while meditating since the visual appeal is an important aspect of doing it efficiently. In the end, it depends on people to people, considering each has a different sensitivity to the energies of gemstones.

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