What Does it Mean when your Crystal Changes Color or Gets Cloudy?

Crystal Changes Color or Gets Cloudy

Crystal healing is a vast subject that requires extensive research of crystals and their benefits on the human body. There are many types of crystals out there that there with multiple properties, hence it becomes a complex task to get a complete understanding of these stones. However, it is of paramount importance that you know everything about the crystal that you possess because, if on someday, the crystal changes its color or shows some other signs that are unusual, you will know how to act in such scenarios. Only after working with the crystals for a long time will you be able to tell that the crystal has changed like it has started to look cloudy or has developed some new attributes.

Crystals have a lot of things going inside them and hence noticing some unusual change in the crystal becomes an expert task. For example, there are instances when you see a rainbow inside the crystal which might be caused due to the internal fractures in a crystal. In reality, there are many factors that affect the color of a crystal. Crystals interact with the energies inside you as well as with the energies around you. Sometimes, the exchange of these energies can be so intense that it leaves a mark on the crystal that is visible to the naked eye in the form of a crack or color change. These spikes in energy are caused because the crystals tend to accelerate the healing properties in some cases. For example, if a person is feeling very low and alone, then rose quartz will absorb the negative thoughts in that person and make him feel more optimistic and confident. This process might lead to a color change in the rose quartz or might even cause some never-seen-before attribute to pop up. Another factor that may lead to a color change in a crystal is sunlight, as there are stones that change color when kept in sunlight. For example, Alexandrite is a crystal that remains green in the day due to the effect of sunlight, while changes to red at night due to the lack of sunlight.

Crystals are also affected by the surrounding environment in which they are placed, the temperature in which they are stored and the amount of light they are exposed too. One key point to be mentioned here is that not all crystals can be used again for healing once they have changed their color. Such crystals should be cleansed and can be kept in plants later on. Cleansing methods can include placing the crystals in dirt or saltwater or by placing them under the moonlight for a period of two to three weeks.

Before using the crystals one must always acquire an in-depth knowledge of these crystals as it will prove beneficial in identifying the little changes in your crystals.

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