What Does a Broken Crystal Mean?

Did your crystal snap into pieces out of no-where? That has definitely got you freaking out, hasn’t it? Well read through to understand the symbolic significance and causes of why it happened and trust me, it’s not as horrific as it seems. Depending on how it broke, it may be an indication of the will of powers higher than us, or it could still be usable. Let’s explore!
Usually, when a crystal breaks, there are two schools of thought to analyze what could’ve happened. First is, it might be the stone’s way of telling you that its work in your life is now done.
It’s a sign that the energy of this particular stone is not needed in your life anymore, and the death of the stone denotes a new circle of re-birth for its user. This is definitely a good thing to happen. It means you’re moving ahead and making progress with your goals.
The other way of looking at this is spiritual and function-based. Could it be that you overcharged your crystal? Did you set intentions for your crystal that align with your greater good? These aspects factor in to understand what exactly happened to your crystal.
For checking what happened, you need to track your recent action with the crystal. It’s easier to get to the root of the problem of how your crystal broke when you track it like that.
Depending on what kind of break you witness on your crystal, what you can do with it varies. If it’s a clean break on a large crystal, you can use the remaining pieces by cleansing them and ridding them of any negative energy absorbed during the break.
You can meditate with this new piece and see if it has the same energy as its parent piece. You’ll know right away if this new form of your old crystal is going to work for you or not. If it’s broken into big enough pieces, you can even gift one of them to a loved one and share the positive energy.
This can strengthen your bond with said person, and also make good use of the broken stone at the same time.

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