What Causes Amethyst to Be Purple

Amethyst is a well known purple crystal which is a variety of quartz that is used heavily for its many metaphysical benefits. Its purple color is owed to irradiation in quartz stone, iron impurities, and trace amounts of some other metals too.
The varying degree of these impurities and radiations are what cause the different shades of purple in Amethyst. It is just as hard as regular quartz and hence very competent for jewelry making.
From light pinkish purple color to deep purple, Amethyst is present in many variations. Some varieties of Amethyst will also have shades of red and blue. The best quality Amethyst is found in Sri Lanka, Russia, Uruguay, and Peru.
The best Amethyst is considered to be the “Ultra Siberian” variety which is found in Russia and has a dominant purple hue of about 70-80 percent. There are inferior varieties that are light on the purple, have a bit more reds, and resemble more like a lilac color. It has been an undesirable variety of Amethyst up until recently when these varieties started getting heavily marketed.
The color of amethyst is said to be caused by the substitution of trivalent iron for silicon in the crystalline structure in the presence of trace amounts of other elements of a large ion radius.
To a certain extent, the natural color of Amethyst can very well be the result of the displacement of transition elements, regardless of the iron content being low. Actual amethyst is dichroic, with reddish-violet or bluish violet shades. But when heated up, it can turn yellow-orange, yellow-brown, or dark-brown.
Its purple color means that it is a stone of great physical importance in the world of jewelry making. It’s nature’s tranquilizer, relieving stress, anxiety, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels, and absorbs anger and rage. Its purple color gives it a hint of mystical abilities.
It is very well versed in connecting its user to the spiritual realm, opening intuition, and enhancing psychic abilities. It relieves insomnia and helps you remember and make sense of your dreams.

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