What Are Crystal Eggs??? Know More...

What Are Crystal Eggs??? Know More...
Crystals have been there around for billions of years. These beautiful stones have been used by our ancestors for ages for their metaphysical properties that offer a perfect balance of physical, emotional and spiritual life.
The ancient civilizations used these crystals in the form of jewellery or they kept small pieces with themselves at all times. Crystal eggs have been a recent discovery but even they have become a popular choice of crystal healing among millennials.
Crystal eggs draw us in because they remind us of the mysteries and miracles of life, new births and new beginnings. We all know that eggs bring life through birth. If you are looking for a fresh new start, then crystal eggs are perfect for you.
These crystals eggs allow you to infuse miracles and magic into your life. Eggs are a symbol of spring and they represent fertility, virility and flourishing life force. In Christianity, they symbolize resurrection and eternal life.
Crystal eggs are the main attraction of the Easter holiday. It is actually a tradition to give eggs on Easter. You can use chocolate eggs for children or you can also gift plastic eggs by stuffing gifts inside them.
Crystal eggs come in a variety of different stones that are naturally coloured. This means that you can have a pink coloured rose quartz eggs or blue Lapis Lazuli eggs.
Practitioners of acupressure use crystal eggs to apply pressure on certain areas of the body. The tip of the egg can be used to deliver pinpoint pressure while the round bottom can be used to rub muscles for blood and energy circulation.
As you know, the goal of acupressure is not limited to relieving pain but also restore a holistic balance of the yin and yang energies.
Since the modality is focused on total wellness, crystal eggs bring an additional element to the healing process. Every crystal is different and has its own healing energy and this energy becomes incorporated into the session. Acupressure with crystal eggs brings on double healing.
If you are a crystal enthusiast, try using these crystal eggs for healing to experience a different feeling altogether.

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