Ways to sense and feel crystal energies


Crystals are extremely fascinating creatures. The energy of these crystals is so subtle that any machines or technologies can measure it. The ability to sense energy is already within oneself, even if it's part of the unconscious mind. One doesn’t have to gain any knowledge; one just has to discover his own personal key to awake the connection with it. Developing this energetic sensitivity helps one to connect with their intuitions as well as enhancing the personal relationship with their crystals.  Using crystals can be considered an act of self-care. Crystals can help to remind us to prioritize our own needs.

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Here are a few things to keep in mind while sensing and feeling crystal energies:

It is best to work with a freshly cleansed and charged crystal as the energies will be the strongest. Crystals can easily be charged and cleansed with moonlight, sunlight, mud, and water (make sure your crystal is water safe). 

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to sense crystal energy. Do what feels right, as you are your best guide and will discover what works best for you and the crystal over time. Crystal energy can be very subtle or very powerful depending upon the crystal or stone, your familiarity and connection with the stone.

Crystal energy can be subtle - sometimes it can be hard to recognize the right away. Try not to get frustrated or disappointed if one has a hard time sensing the crystal energy the first few times. It can take time and practice to recognize the subtle sensations of crystal energy. The more one makes a connection and practices with the crystal, the easier it becomes to feel and recognize the crystal energy.

Crystals are a very powerful way to help you become more empowered because they remind you that you are worth it. They encourage you to focus on yourself and take time for yourself so that you can get on track with what you want to create in your life.


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