Violate Flame Opal – The Crystal of Transformation & Purification

How many of us are happy with who we currently are? The sad truth is, we always expect more from ourselves and are well aware of our potential. Regardless we find it difficult to make hard changes in our daily life.

Certain things in our life yield good results to us but might not necessarily be making our soul happy. Things like the city we live in, the people we decide to call our friends and the job we work every day; if these things don't keep you at your spiritual best, maybe it's time to make some changes!

A lot of people hesitate when it is about making significant changes in their life. Such substantial changes are the cause of a lot of anxiety. Not taking these steps keeps you unhappy, and thinking about taking them throws you in a mental place where you are over-thinking scenarios and getting lost in the details of nothing specific.

To give you courage and strengthen your mindset for transformation, you can use the service of crystal healing. Many stones are adept at helping people through changes, but one of the best and most beautiful rocks is Violet Flame Opal.

Also known as Purple Opal or Morado Opal, this stone is well known for alleviating your crown and third eye chakras to balance your mentality and center your focus. Out of all the opals in the family, the purple variant emanates the highest vibrations and energy.

Tapping into the stone's power will instantly unlock the third eye and give you higher intuition and perception to change your life view. Once you have achieved that, you can make decisions that can change your life without troubling your mind.

All these changes that Violet Flame Opal brings make you live in the present more and worry about future scenarios less. It gives you a link to communicate with angels and guardians that help you gain access to knowledge that will elevate your intellect.

This knowledge comes while one is reconnecting with themselves and the world around them through meditation and self-reflection.

Once you're well connected with your Purple Opal, you'll get these episodes of synchronicities, which will have their way of not feeling like coincidences, but instead feel like instances of déjà vu. When this happens to you, consider it a checkpoint in life to be assured that you are on the right path.

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