Variety of Colours, Agates Bring Positivity to your Life

Variety of Colours, Agates Bring Positivity to your Life

Agates are semi-precious gemstone found all over the world; it is a resourceful stone primarily made up of cryptocrystalline silica, chiefly chalcedony. Agates name is derived from the place it was first discovered in Achates River in Sicily. Some varieties of Agate have specks of color or eye markings, while some also have fossilized or solid inclusions. Unlike other gemstones, Agate is found in varied colors i.e. black, yellow, green, pink, grey and white. Agates are identified by their unique color & pattern hence; they are popularly divided into four types Botswana Agate, Fire Agate, Moss Agate, and Blue Lace Agate.

For thousands of years, it believed that Agate possesses metaphysical properties that help to balance physical, emotional, intellectual & spiritual energies. It is strongly recommended by healing practitioners, wearing an Agate stone ensures positive energy in your life.

1. Blue Lace Agate: (Blue Colour Agate)

"If you see a positive side to everything, you will be able to live a richer life than others". Blue Lace Agate crystal helps to embrace positive thoughts, creates a peaceful environment; thereby owning this stone will promote healthy communication. It also carries tranquil energy that helps relieve stress & cure insomnia.

2. Moss Agate:(Green Colour Agate)

Wearing green stone ensures stability & grounding qualities in a person. If a person sick very often or is severely ill, Moss Agate will work its magic as it possesses powerful healing. This stone can also be placed in gardens and lawns as its growth properties help in the better upbringing of a plant or a tree.

3. Fire Agate:(Reddish Brown Colour)

Fire Agate is known as Spiritual flame of an absolute perfectionist. The vibration of this stone mainly helps to create a powerful protective shield & send back negative energy. It is known to assists sexuality and stamina. This stone can help in overcoming the artistic block.

4. Botswana Agate: (Grey & Pink)

Botswana Agate is considered to be very protective and lucky. This type of an agate stonemainly helps in enhancing mental functions by improving concentration, analytical skills & perception. It also helps in boosting self-confidence in a person.

5. Dendritic Agate: (White or Grey)

Dendritic Agate is known as the Stone of Plentitude. It is agate for strengthening family ties. It is ideal for examination of self, and the self-imposed limitations and patterns that make-up one's life experiences.

All types of Agates brings in positivity to your life, provides a powerful sense of strength & courage. It is an essential stone for eliminating negativity in a person life. Hence, wear Agate stone for a healthy future.

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