Using Crystal Agate Decor to Get Rid of Negative Energy from Home

Using Crystal Agate Decor to Get Rid of Negative Energy from Home

Gone are the days when using Geodes and Agates to decorate your house would be considered hippish or bohemian or give a fortune teller kind of feel to your house. The modern outlook towards using crystals for decorating house has changed and perceived more home-conscious.
Usually, what was considered to be a thing fit for science projects in schools or as an accessory that adorns the fortune teller’s abode, the agate crystals have rather sprung up in unexpected ways and are found in unique pieces that are found placed around many homes.
Agates are known to dispel negative energy and create a strong balance between physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. They bring about a sense of harmony and serene peacefulness wherever they are placed.
Agates and Geodes can be used to decorate the entire kitchen by placing the table tops of the stuff or the work area where the main cooking happen. This will seep positive energy into the food being prepared, or on the dining table, where the food is being consumed.

However, these ideas may be quite expensive for many and unaffordable too, there are many ways one can use Agate deco within one’s budget and reap the benefits the magical crystals provide. Planters, coasters, decorative pieces, framed art pieces and such other decorations with Agates and Geodes are relatively cheaper and provide the homes with an earthy feeling and provide a burst of colors.

- Agate Bookends

Most easily, one of the most used and most liked pieces of decoration where Agates of any color can be used, bookends are a great way of placing your favorite books with Agate as support. They are good to look at, make the shelf look beautiful, and are classy. They are easily available in most home décor store or are easy to make by oneself. Refer a DIY video over the internet on how to make them and also where you can find the Agate.

- Coasters

Buy them of any color you like or the color that suits your décor, but the coasters made of Agate are a great color pop and brighten up the space they are at.

- Wall display

For a bigger, better and brighter display that takes the use of Agate in home décor to the next level, full-blown wall displays are a great option. Consult your designer on how you can incorporate the crystal into your wall décor.

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