crystal-braceletThe idea of a stone healing the body and mind may seem strange, but it actually works. People have been using gemstones for thousands of years. Aventurine, selenite, blue lace agate, and other crystals can detox your body, relieve stress, and pull away negative energies that affect skin health. One can place them on the affected areas, carry them, or put them under the pillow at night to reap their benefits.

Using the crystal itself allows for a warm or cold therapeutic experience. When used warm, they can help to relax facial muscles, increase circulation, and enhance the penetration of other products in your skin care routine such as serums or moisturizers. When used cold, it helps de-puff the skin, reduce inflammation, and further circulate skin cells, leading to healthier and blemish-free skin. 

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Have a look at some of the crystals for skincare listed below…

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is a crystal all needed as it is an amplifier making it a powerful stone that can help gain clarity, achieve focus, and manifest desires. It can amplify the effectiveness of the existing beauty routine too. “It’s also used for reducing fine lines and wrinkles” and can also aid in improving skin conditions.


This crystal is best known for its cleansing and detoxifying effects. It’s a favorite choice for many healers and can help relieve breathing disorders, depression, mental conditions, and hyperactivity. Amethyst also aids in the treatment of skin infection. Its name derives from ametusthos, a Greek word that means “not intoxicated.” This crystal fights bacteria, reduces toxic load in the body, promotes positive thinking, and supports cellular regeneration.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a soft pink color because it’s the stone of love, compassion, and forgiveness. When used on the skin, it can help to keep the skin youthful and improve circulation. Since rose quartz is such a gentle stone, it is especially useful for people with sensitive skin. It is also a cooling stone so it can be used for inflammatory conditions like rosacea, eczema, and rashes.


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