Unleash Your Hidden Talent With These Powerful Gemstones

 Unleash your hidden talent with these powerful gemstones


People around the world are blessed with so many abilities which they use to earn their bread and butter or pursue their hobby. However, it is their hidden talent that brings recognition to them and makes them stand apart from the crowd.

A person’s talent allows him to steer his life in a new direction and open up doors for new possibilities.

If these talents remain hidden, then life becomes monotonous and becomes devoid of creativity. There are powerful crystals and stones that are able to bring out this talent and unlock the true potential inside a person.

Following is a list of healing crystals that can enhance your creativity and help you to rediscover yourself.



Known as the ‘Stone of Creativity’, carnelian supports and heals the sacral chakra and boosts self-expression.

This is a brilliant healing stone for stimulating your creativity and awakening your talents.

Carnelian wards off qualities like indecision and procrastination and fills you with the necessary energy to get up and explore your hidden talents. Thus, this creative stone is an absolute favorite among actors, singers, and dancers.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli

There is a strong energy of manifestation inside this crystal stone which helps to open up the Third-eye Chakra and balances the Throat Chakra.

This third eye chakra stone encourages you to take control of your life and provides inspiration for creative pursuits.

Being a Stone of Truth, Lapis lazuli promotes honesty when speaking or writing. Lapis lazuli also sharpens your mind and enhances your creative side.



This is a very powerful and creative energy crystal. Citrine is said to carry the powers of the sun and is said to reveal the hidden potential inside a human being.

Citrine is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra but also activates the Crown chakra.

This creative stone facilitates a smooth flow of ideas and enthusiasm and also helps to develop stamina and motivation for your dream projects. This is an ideal stone if you are thinking about starting something new as it helps to achieve goals by solving your problems.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

This stabilizing and grounding stone has the ability to harness both the Earth’s and Sun’s energies.
It helps to releases fears around accomplishing a target, which is important to bring out the hidden talent.
This protection stone encourages you to take risks and explore your artistic and creative talents.

These healing crystals mentioned above are suitable to place around your workplace, home or studio where you wish to bring in creativity. You can even lie down and place one or more energy crystals over your sacral chakra and envisage the creative ideas coming to you. If you are a fashionable person, then you can wear these crystals in the form of crystal jewelry as well.

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