Understanding Full Moon Crystal Ritual

The moon is one of the most powerful celestial bodies when it comes to the giants in the sky that have control over us. The moon has been associated with human health and sickness for eons. In ancient cultures, in books of wisdom, in old tales, the moon has been a very significant deity.
We know scientifically that it is the moon and its gravitational pull that control the tides of the ocean. Similarly, its pull and position also dictate a lot of our everyday aspects. In Indian culture especially, moon phases are linked with sickness and health, and monitoring them has become one of the favorite pass times for Indian astrologers.
In fact, in India, Newspapers have a dedicated section that tells people what to eat and what to wear according to the phases of the moon.
Speaking of lunar phases, the full moon is said to be the most powerful phase of them all. It has a profound spiritual effect on people and is a great opportunity to harness positive spiritual energy which is pure and uncut.
Full moon rituals provide one with an opportunity to forge new paths for personal growth and turn their fortunes around. Performing these rituals allow you to let go of what you don’t need in life anymore and instead replace it with things where your energy is more vitally utilized and makes you a better person.
Crystals have always been a great way to introduce a positive stream of healing energy in one’s life. They also act as a chain link between celestial gods and our fickle human minds to help us better connect with them.
They absorb and radiate energy from nature and other sources to help us find a better spiritual and emotional balance. As it happens, the time of the full moon is perfect to recharge energies, clear your chakras, and recharge your crystals with such an important shift in spiritual energies.
The way to perform a ritual to cleanse and charge your crystals starts with cleaning your crystals and preparing them for the ritual. This is best done when the negativity is washed off in a natural source of water. Even tap water is fine, but not preferred.
Be careful, since some stones are not water friendly. After that, you must set up a sacred space under the moonlight to let your crystals out there. Cleansing the space with some sage and incense is a good idea.
Name an emotion out loud that you would like to get rid of and set the intention into your crystals. Collect the re-charged stone the following morning and you’ll immediately realize the change it causes.

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