Types of Fluorite Crystals

Different types of minerals, metals, and all varieties of gemstones have a tremendous effect on our bodies. Depending on who you are and what crystal you choose, these effects can vary in kind, magnitude, or intensity, but one thing is for sure, their energy impacts human minds and bodies.

Since there is evidence of recorded history, crystals have been used in civilization in many ways, including hearing aids, medical alternatives, décor, jewelry making, etc. It is established that human bodies have various energy fields which subliminally control our emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Crystals interact with these vibrations in the energy field and manipulate them for good effect.

Today we talk about one very versatile mineral, which is found in nature in several different forms. Professional crystal healers love Fluorite across the globe for its plethora of healing benefits. Most people are drawn to one or the other type of Fluorite crystal because of its beauty and the option of colors it has. People experience a happy healing vibration upon holding a Fluorite piece, making it one of the most wanted crystals.

Let's dive into different types of Fluorite crystals available in the world.

Clear Fluorite
Clear Fluorite is a mental clarity stone that stimulates the crown chakra and energizes the aura. It morphs your perspective and provides you a better view of things that require struggle and something that can be done smartly without much hustle. People going through emotional turmoil can find relief. It can suppress the toxic feelings of guilt and shame, especially when they are uncalled for, and work to bury your mind in layers of meaningless angst.
Blue John Fluorite

This variety of Fluorite crystals is a symbol of personal growth. It indulges people spontaneously and makes them want to travel more frequently, explore the world, and new opportunities, especially if it is against their instinct. It enkindles trust and helps you make wiser, better-informed decisions in life.

Yellow/Golden Fluorite
Golden Fluorite is for stimulating creativity and intellect in a person. It is like a gym for intellectual abilities and improving logical reasoning. It boosts your imagination and resourcefulness by stimulating solar plexus chakra just the right way. It gives you the strength and will power to turn your imagination and creativity into productive actions.

Purple/Violet Fluorite 

Violet or Purple Fluorite is all about connecting to the spirit and your right, deeper self. It helps focussing better on the universe's divine energy and connect better with it. It stimulates the third eye chakra and brings strengthened mental acuity and mental purification.

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