Types of Crystal Jewellery

Types of Crystal Jewellery
In recent years, due to the boom in the fashion industry, the use of healing crystals in the forms of jewellery has seen a rising trend. Crystals are broken down into tiny pieces and made into fine jewellery which includes different varieties like rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets etc.
Crystal healing jewellery is nothing but wearable pieces of natural crystals designed with a specific intention and focus. Each piece of this jewellery has one or more natural or polished pieces of this crystal with the sole purpose of helping improve your health in certain areas.
Crystal jewellery is specifically designed with the intention to raise your levels of energy and help you feel better. Each crystal has a different set of metaphysical properties that affect your health and mind in a different way.
For example, if you wear earrings made from rose quartz, then you will feel very calm and composed and you will have a loving approach towards people in your life. If these earrings are made from citrine, then you will feel more energized and creative and you will strive hard towards bringing your dreams into reality.
Popular healing crystals that are used in making crystal jewellery include black tourmaline, blue agate, amethyst, lapis lazuli, clear quartz, garnet, fluorite, malachite, amber etc.
Most of these crystals are placed in the jewellery front and centre so that they are easily seen and their radiant colours make you look beautiful and attractive. Pendants that are worn as a necklace truly sparkle and shine and catch people’s eyes right away.
It is necessary to clean your crystal jewellery before you start wearing it because crystals pick up and store energy around them. This energy can be negative as well because crystals go through different processes before they hit the stores and some of these processes might have a negative impact on these crystals.
Cleansing your crystal jewellery is the best way to ensure that it is safe for use and it won’t hamper you in any way.
Crystal jewellery is readily available in the market these days because of the awareness of these crystals. You can purchase the jewellery that suits your style and fits in your budget as there are numerous options available in the market.
Just make sure that you make regular use of this jewellery for your own good.

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