Turquoise Healing Properties

There is probably no stone like Turquoise. There is no other crystal with a color named after it because of its unique color in the world of crystal healing.
Turquoise, the color is a mix of a striking shade of blue and green. Depending on the geographical location of where the Turquoise is mined, its blend of blue and green can vary greatly. Another feature of this beautiful crystal is the delicate veining of cream or brown color that makes this exquisite crystal look.

It has been a stone of relevance for centuries. It was a talisman for kings, warriors, and shamans. So let's take a deep dive into one of the prettiest crystals on the planet.

The name Turquoise comes from French, which means 'Turkish Stone.' For thousands of years, Turquoise has been a part of all significant ancient cultures. It has been used as a protection stone to protect riders from fatal falls.
Turkish soldiers used it as amulets to protect themselves in battles from injury and death. Turquoise was said to have a magical property where it would interconnect with its owner's physical condition.

It would grow pale or burn bright depending on whether the owner is sick or in peak physical condition, respectively.

Turquoise also raises the virtues of leadership in a person. This is precisely why the stone was so famous amongst kings and tyrants. In the modern world, it fits right in at the workplace, where leadership qualities are required to progress the corporate ladder.

It is also great for creating lines of work like writers. It helps you get over a creative slump and allows you to find your mojo again. People who have to travel a lot because of their work will find that Turquoise is the perfect stone for them to help with their constant relocation.

All these factors make the stone an exceptional addition to any crystal collection. But what makes it even unique are its metaphysical healing properties. Turquoise is a stone for strength and power. It is excellent for battling exhaustion and recovering from injuries to restore your strength.

It enhances physical healing abilities in a person that help them be more robust overall. It is excellent assistance in healing the brain's problems, eyes, ears, neck, and throat. With this, you have a very legitimate solution for migraine, headaches, cataracts, and other issues related to a vision like myopia, torn iris, etc.   

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