Turn Your Home Into A Crystal Heaven

Turn Your Home Into A Crystal Heaven

Stones, gems, resins, and crystals are valuable decorative elements for the home: malachite, rock crystal, agate, amber, rose quartz. Nowadays they are no longer used only by artisans to create unique objects, but also from artists, product designers, and photographers. These elements fascinate for their uniqueness, have an affordable price and are intrigued by virtues and beneficial powers that are conferred on them.

Choose the crystals best suited to your needs

First of all, keep in mind that each stone has its virtues, based on colour and type. To choose the stones best suited to you, therefore, I advise you to go to a specialized shop, which will be able to provide clarifications and explanations about the hidden meanings of precious crystals (you will discover that many of these elements, besides being economically accessible, are fascinating and characterized by beneficial powers for the mind and body).

  1. On the table A classic use: on your living room table, to have them next to you ready to give you beauty and vital energy. Medium-sized stones, of the colour you love, are always a good idea décor also combined with the most precious objects you possess or with your last reading. For the tables you can use crystals like amber, rose quartz, rock crystal and malachite.
  1. Frame the stones you bought, perhaps during your travels, display them in frames at least 5 cm thick. Is your collection precious? It is worth entrusting it to a skilled farmer who, in addition to enhancing it, will avoid facing the criticalities of a do-it-yourself job with stones of different thickness or from the "difficult" base to be glued. The intervention of those who are practical to find stable and lasting solutions, in this case, is preferable.
  1. Rest on the bedside table If you want them close because their glow fascinates you or because you believe in their beneficial properties, try putting the stones next to the bed. The beauty, brightness, and importance of a large crystal are capable of making any corner special.
  1. In plain sight in the bathroom in your relaxation room, together with the other wellness tools, add a nice geode, perhaps making you advise on the most suitable one to heal you and make you feel good. Having an amethyst geode seems to be useful for purifying the environment and keeping negative energy away from us.
  1. Reproductions: An alternative to the real pieces of Nature are the illustrations or prints similar to the one you see in photos, created by artists and photographers. You could also ask a friend to do a reproduction with watercolours. With an "open" frame and the addition of elements of the same shade, you will have a whole new room.

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