Trouble Finding Motivation? These 4 Stone Can Help You Get Over the Slump

Trouble Finding Motivation? These 4 Stone Can Help You Get Over the Slump
The cut-throat competitive times that we are facing as the largest population the world has ever seen, can be very bleak and gloomy for people who find a mundane life hard to deal with.
These are the types of people who know they are capable of so much more than they are achieving, but the will power needed to take the first step is just lacking. All the anxiety about the possibility of failure and the impact of this potential failure to their self-esteem can be such a roadblock that outside intervention is almost the only option left for them.
Healing crystals have been a proven mood enhancement aid for a lot of people around the world. Here’s a look at 4 such crystals that allow people to feel more motivated in life.


This beautiful orange/red crystal promotes vitality and stabilizes energy. These characteristic properties can make up for the loss of energy and motivation. A lot of people are constantly plagued by their disappointment in themselves after not being able to achieve the goals they set for themselves. Carnelian can be a very positive force for such people. This stone opens the Sacral Chakra to induce creative passion in its user.


Amethyst is famously used by people who practice meditation and other mindfulness techniques. It is because of this purple stone’s calming demeanor that it is perfect to promote positivity in an individual’s mind, in-turn inducing motivational thoughts. By calming your inner self, Amethyst gives you clarity on why your goals are important to you and what your priorities are.


Powered by the sun, this yellow stone is called the merchant’s stone because of the luck it brings to its user. Sometimes, to clear mental fog and promote motivational thoughts, a streak of luck is all that’s needed. Citrine is a stone of success; a happy yellow crystal that can have a mood-changing effect just because of its warm visual appeal. It is highly suggested to someone suffering from a lack of motivation.

Orange Calcite

For people like artists and musicians who are dependent on motivation for their livelihood, Orange Calcite is the perfect stone to keep close. Its beautiful soft energy promotes creativity, motivation, and willpower. It’s called the ‘stone of creativity’ and helps in boosting ambition, confidence, and potential.

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