Top 5 Healing Crystals for Men

Healing Crystals for Men

Men have been wearing gemstones since ancient times for a variety of purposes. Ancient warriors used the stones inside their armor to offer good luck and protection during battles. Crystal amulets were said to offer protection from enemies and poisoned wine. In today’s world, crystals are often associated with women as they tend to use them more than men. But this does not imply that men do not wish to utilize the healing powers of these magical crystals. Crystals resonate differently for every gender because men and women tend to think differently. Hence each gender can only benefit from the crystals which are suitable for them. Below is a list of 5 crystals that are ideal to be used by men:

1. Amethyst: This master healer is an ideal stone and possesses many qualities which put it to the top of this list. Amethyst removes all the negativity from your body and fills you with hope and positivity which is a must to tackle the difficult situations in your life. Amethyst is also best to relieve stress and anxiety from your mind and inject it with blissful thoughts that offer clarity to the mind as well as keep you grounded.

2. Rose quartz: This “love stone” is another crystal which is a must-have in your everyday life because it promotes self-love, compassion, and romance in your life. It helps to strengthen your relations with the people in your life and brings about love and affection in your married life as well. This is the best stone to reignite that lost spark in your marriage. Rose quartz also enhances the feeling of forgiveness inside you so that you do not keep any grudges which might prove harmful in the future.

3. Smokey quartz: If you ever feel like you are failing in your life and need a boost to cut through the distractions, then smokey quartz is the best crystal you can have. It empowers you to take risks in your life and grab the opportunities for success without any delay. It also helps you to get rid of negative and toxic thoughts that have accumulated in your mind and are hampering your success.

4. Malachite: This is a crystal you go to if you are facing any relationship problems. It offers clarity to your mind and enables you to see a clear picture of what lies ahead. Malachite also cleanses your chakras and makes you realize your true worth. It enhances your transformational energy and brings about an emotional balance in your life. Malachite is also essential in promoting business relations and increase wealth by removing the obstacles in your path.

5. Moonstone: You might be surprised to find this crystal in the list as moonstone is filled with the feminine energy of the moon. But this is exactly what makes it so important in your life because it tends to mellow down your “male ego” and softens you from the inside. Moonstone also promotes intuition inside an individual and helps to increase awareness and focus. If you feel like you are lacking creativity in your life, then moonstone is the crystal you need to rely upon. Not only does this stone enhance your thinking abilities but also develops self-expression which is required to keep yourself one step ahead of others in life.

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