Top 5 Crystals to Protect Empaths

Empathy is a very noble quality. But for the person who has an abundance of it, it can be overwhelming. Empaths tend to absorb other people’s negative energy, and even sometimes feel their pain more than them.
They tend to care more about the world’s issues and are easily upset by sad and tragic stories about strangers they’ve never met on the news.
This quality makes them more humane than others, but it also can take a toll on them. Luckily, it’s possible to protect them from the overwhelming aspects of their hyper empathy, by using crystal healing.
The right crystals will protect them from negative energies, and keep their physical selves from absorbing them. So here are the 5 stones that are perfect for people with abundant empathy.


Known for its cleansing supremacy, amethyst is the perfect stone for people that want to get rid of negative energy, whether it’s in their body, home, or workplace. It promotes relaxation and calm, helping you release some undue stress.

Clear Quartz

This stone is well known for encouraging positive thoughts and feelings, while simultaneously dispelling negative thoughts. Its emotional healing properties are commendable.
Better known as the master healer of all stones, Clear Quartz can amplify the effect of other stones that it is paired with.


The stone filled with the energy of the sun, Citrine is connected spiritually to warmth and deeper wisdom. This warmth that the Citrine stone carries are what allows people to develop open-mindedness, and a broader perspective.
This perspective is important to understand for empaths, that a bad thing happening to strangers is a perfectly normal thing.

Black Tourmaline

This majestic black stone is known across the world for its protective properties. They are very efficient at cleansing energy and protecting from negative vibes. It is known as Mother Nature’s tool for grounding the spirit to nature.

Rose Quartz

The stone of universal love can benefit an empath by instilling feelings of trust and self-love. It promotes connection with others and helps them see over the cloud of negativity they are always surrounded by. It helps in friendships and other kinds of personal relationships.

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