Top 5 Crystals That Increase Intuition

Top 5 Crystals That Increase Intuition

When all the doors are closed, when there is nobody there to help us make the right choice, we often resort to our intuition. It is something that we trust in stressful times to show us the right path, which most of the times, is the correct one. Intuition is a gift that is blessed upon everyone in this world, but the intensity of the intuitive abilities depends from person to person. A person having strong intuitive skills tends to progress more because he ends up making the right decision at the right time. Fortunately, the power of crystals can be utilized to increase the intuition of an individual.

There are many crystals that help in this matter, some of them are detailed below:

1. Moonstone: One of the best healing stones ever, the moonstone is very well known to promote intuition and calmness into an individual. The powerful healing properties of this stone help you to get in touch with your emotions. The soothing lunar energy stored inside this crystal helps to calm your mind and offers stability to your thoughts which aids in making the correct decision.

2. Clear quartz: This is one of those crystals which you must have with you. The numerous healing properties of the clear quartz help you in innumerable ways and offer a solution to your every problem. This crystal works in harmony with the human body and helps to attract positive energy. It also encourages clear and open communication and enhances your intuitive abilities which help you to make the correct decisions.

3. Amethyst: This stone is well-known for its protection and healing qualities. Amethyst works with your Crown Chakra and activates it which helps to enhance your intuitive abilities. This stone is also useful to get rid of any negative elements in your aura and promote positivity and tranquility in your life. Amethyst is an ideal crystal if you wish to have a stress-free mind that is free of unproductive thoughts.

4. Aquamarine: This stone has the beautiful and soothing energy of the water stored in itself. It is the best stone to get rid of cluttered thoughts that tend to distract your mind regularly. Aquamarine is an ideal stone to develop clarity of thoughts, communication, and intuition. The soothing ability of the aquamarine calms down your mind which increases your intuitive abilities and you learn to listen to your inner voice.

5. Labradorite: This beautiful crystal protects your aura and helps to ground your spiritual energies. When you wish to communicate with your inner-self and listen to what it has to say, you should opt for labradorite. This stone is known to enhance your abilities like clairvoyance and telepathy. This is a stone that will guide you through the storm very safely and help you make the right decision.

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