Top 5 Crystals for Pain Relief

Crystals for Pain Relief

There are many factors which hamper your daily routine and severe pain is one of those factors. Life is all happy and blissful until you start suffering from the excruciating pain that not only weakens you physically but also takes a toll on your state of mind. You start feeling stressful and negative thoughts start accumulating inside your mind. This creates an imbalance in the energy fields or the chakras inside your body and this leads to a loss in productivity. There are crystals available in the market that possess properties which assist in relieving the pain. Few of these crystals are mentioned below:

1. Aquamarine: This is known as the stone of courage and protection. Aquamarine is often used with the throat chakra as it helps to flush out all the toxins in the body, thereby relieving it of pain. This is a very soothing stone which, if kept over the affected area, helps in offering relief to the particular area of the body. The calming energies released from this stone reduce the stress that is caused due to pain.

2. Turquoise: Many a time, pain is associated with psychological state and turquoise is a stone that affects your mind and makes it more calm and peaceful during times when you experience pain. This helps to divert your attention from the affected area and offering some relief from pain. Turquoise is beneficial in reducing headache, sore throat, etc.

3. Citrine: Citrine helps to remove negativity from your mind which results in having a strong and positive psychological state that is helpful in tackling the pain. It also raises your confidence which is required to remain strong in times of painful situations.

4. Amethyst: This stone is a must-have in the arsenal of crystals for reducing pain. If you place the amethyst over the affected area or secure it with a tape, then it will help to reduce the pain in that area to a large extent. Amethyst is largely used in treating issues like arthritis, migraine, and injuries.

5. Lapis Lazuli: It is known for offering immediate relief from pain if placed over the affected area. It helps to strengthen your mind which helps you to recover from pain or injuries. Lapis lazuli is known to cure illnesses like throat infections, migraines, PMS, vertigo, cancer, heart diseases, etc.

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