Top 5 Crystals for Drug Addiction

Crystals for Drug Addiction

Drug addiction has affected a large percentage of youngsters in today's world. Instead of consulting with friends and family in times of depression, the youth resort to harmful addictions like drugs. This addiction not only hampers the body but also has an adverse impact on the personal life of an individual. It ruins the relationship with his friends and family and makes him feel lonely in life. Severe drug addiction can also be fatal and hence it needs to be addressed at an early stage. Crystal healing covers a wide area of problems and preventing drug addiction is one of those areas.

Following is a list of crystals that can help to cure the drug addiction of a person:

1. Amethyst: This is a crystal which leads this list because it has powerful vibrations that help you to concentrate on things other than addictions. This happens because amethyst aids in boosting your creativity which makes you look into other productive things than drug addictions. If you wear the amethyst in your finger in the form of a ring or if you place it under your pillow, it will avoid your mind from getting distracted. It also removes the negative energy inside you and fills you with bright and positive energy.

2. Blue Topaz: This beautiful blue crystal teaches you to love yourself above all else. This stone is known to remove the cravings related to drug use by ridding you of emotions like grief and obsessiveness. It promotes self-realization, self-honesty, and self-control. It promotes self-love which makes you realize the side effects of drug abuse and you tend to stop automatically.

3. Peridot: This stone detoxifies your body of all the toxins that you had ingested during drug abuse. Peridot purifies your body and releases all the guilt and obsession. It helps to put a halt to self-destructive habits and assists in making the necessary changes required to have a healthy body and peaceful mind.

4. Rose quartz: Rose quartz is an ideal crystal to have with you if you are planning on getting rid of any addiction. This crystal helps to relieve the negative thoughts and energies that had accumulated inside you because of drug addiction. It helps you to steer away from the memories that reflect guilt and suffering, thereby promoting a healthy and positive attitude inside you.

5. Carnelian: This is a stabilizing stone that restores the balance in your life. It gives you back your lost strength and self-confidence. Carnelian will help you to overcome your fears and move on your path towards recovery. This stone also helps to get rid off all the emotional trauma and negative thoughts and in turn, promotes self-love and caring attitude.

Disclaimer: Crystals for healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. 

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