Top 4 crystals to work with moon energy
  1. Selenite: The selenite is a strictly female and lunar stone. Delicate, it must be handled with extreme caution especially when it has not been worked and is in its raw state. I only have one, a "stick" about 7-8 centimeters long, raw. You can see the photo right below. Selenite is very reminiscent of chalk, except that it is opalescent. It actually belongs to the chalk family and is often confused with the moonstone due to its literal translation from the Greek (selenites), which is precise "moonstone". Selenite in crystal therapy is linked to the seventh chakra, for many, it represents a bridge that allows you to communicate with the divine. Its color varies from white to transparent. In the past it was used as a "wand", that is, a channel to get in touch with the Higher Self or the Universe.
  1. Moonstone: The Moonstone (or Adularia, so called because of its adolescence effect is linked to the feminine (Yin), to the tides and to the unconscious. It is a mysterious stone that has always been associated with the Moon (to which it owes its name), whose legends and virtues are lost in the mists of time. Being tied to the Moon and at night, it is used for travel in the unconscious and for clairvoyance. Finally, it is a luck stone that helps you realize your desires and attracts everything you need. Moonstone has a soothing action on the body concerning problems of the female genital system: it stimulates the lymphatic circulation, harmonizes the cycle and reduces menstrual pain, alleviates pain during pregnancy and promotes fertility. It is also recommended for problems related to menopause. Promotes healing of diseases related to the stomach and spleen. It gives a relaxed sleep and has a positive effect on disorders related to it such as insomnia.
  1. Labradorite: The highly mystical labradorite stone increases innate intuition and improves psychic abilities, making it ideal for working with the third eye chakra. Intuition and intellect are balanced by labradorite. The labradorite is a crystal that manages to expand the limits of the conscious sphere, promoting a healthy re-evaluation of one's abilities and hidden talents. The labradorite can be helpful for disorders of the eye, for that brain, and to help regulate the metabolism and the digestive process.
  1. Opal: The opal is a gem that presents a mysterious and captivating story. The meaning associated with the opal has taken on different and contradictory nuances but the types of opals, such as the white opal or the fire opal, have always been very popular gems in the world of geology. If you are attracted by the mystery and magic, if the dark side does not scare you and the controversies fascinate you, then there is a precious stone that awaits only you, hidden in its enigmatic and captivating history.

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