Tips to Identify a Real Crystal from Fake

Tips to identify a real crystal from fake

Recognizing a real stone is difficult. we always advise you to buy from trusted people or, if you have a stone in your hands of potentially high value, ask a gemologist with an analytical laboratory ... to analyze it! So the safest method is to contact a jeweler who can analyze the chemical composition using the various tools. Of course, they don't do it for free.

They are the ones who have the tools to understand if a stone is true or false. For example, they use immersion microscopes, analytical balances, spectroscopes, polariscopes, etc.

Real stone is certain that ...

  • It is easier to find a real rock crystal or an amethyst because they are cheap and very common, but this does not mean that you cannot still incur a scam. Finding blue chrysocolla or aragonite is definitely more difficult.

Tricks to distinguish a real stone from a false one

Let's move on to do-it-yourself tricks. They are not 100% sure and let's say

  • Stone is real when it is cold and the "ice" is also perceived an inch away from the skin. Even colder than glass.
  • When you beat them against a hard surface, they make a different noise than plastic or glass. However, it is not an easy difference to recognize.
  • If you get a perforated stone in your hands (the ones where the thread passes through the necklace or bracelet), look at the hole well, if the color remains even there, it could be natural. If it is flaked it is certain that it is fake (and even hurt!).
  • Point a beam of light emitted by a laser towards the stone. When it reflects light from all sides, it should be true (who knows, they didn't do perfect imitations even for this thing ...)
  • Put it on the fire. When it is plastic it certainly burns.

From experience, we tell you that when a stone (such as rock crystal or amethyst) has intrusions, it is very likely that it is also true (but its economic value is lower). But above all, if you want to recognize a real stone from a false one, learn to "feel" them energetically. It will not be a meter to make a professional evaluation (not good if you want to sell them), but it will certainly help you personally! Observe them, you must know the colors, the facets, the opalescence ... only direct experience will help you.

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