Tips To Have Transcendental Experience With Crystals

Tips To Have Transcendental Experience With Crystals

For having a transcendental experience with the crystals, you will require one of the accompanying precious stones for your supernatural stone: celestite, moldavite, danburite, or (sugilite is particularly great in case you're feeling any dread around this activity)

You'll additionally require: a bit of rose quartz to put on your heart chakra for adoring vitality, and a bit of smoky quartz to put on your root for establishing vitality.

Safety comes first

  • Clear the space in your room. Utilize consecrated smoke, sound, or whichever method works best for you.
  • Set a clock. I suggest taking into account at any rate 30 minutes to do this work, yet as I wrote in my book, I had a supernatural involvement in less than five minutes, so this is just a rule.
  • Ground yourself a short time later: eat something, drink some water, snuggle your hide infant, take a walk, earth, or seize a hematite stone for some time.


  • Rests and start by putting the smoky quartz at your root chakra, the rose quartz at your heart chakra and your supernatural stone either on your third eye chakra or in your responsive (non-prevailing) hand.
  • Attest the goal of your experience.
  • Welcome defensive aides, totem creatures, or watchmen to go with you on the off chance that you pick.
  • Close your eyes, unwind, and let yourself float.
  • Enable your experience to occur without desire. The more you're loose and unattached to any desire or results, the better this will work. Give your creative mind a chance to be open.
  • When you feel prepared to return, extend your breathing, squirm your fingers and toes, take a decent stretch, at that point expel the precious stones from your crown down. It sits with your feet level on the floor and steps them a couple of times before remaining to get your chi streaming and for additional establishing.
  • Make note of what you encountered, and in the event that you got any direction en route.

If it's not too much trouble notes that the smoky quartz is basic! This reinforces your association with your body and the Earth, in the event that you end up astral voyaging, suspending, or traveling to another measurement (this has all occurred!), it will enable you to return ideal to your body.

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