Tips To Create A Crystal Action Plan And Work With Intentions

 Tips To Create A Crystal Action Plan And Work With Intentions

It often happens that the crystals choose us and not vice versa. The colours of a crystal, its shape, its transparency or opacity, are the first aspects that attract our attention, acting as a system of encodings of the energy transmitted by the crystal: in simple words, the crystal gives off a vibration suitable for smoothing unpleasant aspects of our character (or to help solve our current situation) and the attraction we feel serves to make us choose that crystal.

  1. Choose three crystals before going to bed. One for the mind, one for the body and one for the spirit. Take the one for the body and hold it in your hands. Think about the benefits you want to achieve on a physical level thanks to its energy and mentally formulate your intention. Repeat the procedure also with the other two crystals. Then hold them next to you at night and whenever you feel you need their help.
  2. This method is perfect if we are in contact with people or negative situations. Choose two crystals. Put one in your right hand and in one in your left. Close it and breathe. With each breathes you feel the energy of the crystals flow along your arms and your body. Keep breathing until you feel protected and recharged. When you're done, place the crystals on top of an amethyst druse. In this way, you will raise your vibrations and cleanse the aura.
  3. If confidence in yourself is scarce choose a crystal and leave it in the sunlight for at least 30 minutes. The rotate it gently between your hands until you feel its strength. Now place it on the root chakra. When you feel that energy is sufficient, rub the crystal in your hands again and place it on the second chakra. Repeat for all the chakras.
  4. Ialino Quartz (Rock Crystal) can be used to amplify any intention or desire. You can wear Ialino Quartz (Rock Crystal) when you want to increase your energy, bring more balance and grace into your life experiences, promote the balance between the physical body, the mind and emotions, balance processes. of the physical body, balancing the creative and analytical aspects of the mind, restoring balance after important life changes or after traumatic experiences, learning more easily from past experiences thus favouring better choices in one's future, when one wants to attract all seven rays into the whole being and to amplify and balance the effects of other crystals.

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