Crystals are said to be a source of various energies since ages, as they are capable of assisting mankind in numerous ways, from the elimination of anxiety or stress to finding the true love of their life. It helps the user to get out of tough times. They provide natural positive sensations.


Cleansing of your special crystals it of utmost importance to keep them energized. Method of the cleansing of each Crystal depends upon the type of crystal you desires to clean. The cleaning process isn’t physical; rather it’s a process which is intended to get the crystal rid of stored energies during its previous journeys. There are a plethora of methods which can be used such as Smudging, Moonlight, Salt Water, Natural Water, Dew Drops, Rainfalls, and thunderstorm for the cleansing process.

Here are some tips to be considered for the cleansing and cleaning of the crystals.

•    Keep It Soft: Use a soft Cloth or Soft Brush for the purpose of cleansing. It may be noted that the cloth does not shed its fibers on the crystal.

•    Choose it wisely: Every crystal is different, so as a method of cleansing, you should use such a method which would not end up harming the crystal.

•    Organic Methods are the best: Crystals are so sensitive and are not supposed to handle harsh inorganic methods, such as cleansers. However, some stones are fragile and must be cleansed with the use of the cleanser.

•    Perpetual cleansing: The cleansing of a crystal is not a one-time thing, whenever you find your crystal dull or non-vibrant; return it to its inception; to nature. Let your crystal have some rest for at least 4 hours in the lap of the divine nature. Let it rest under the Sun, which blooms out the previous energies either good or bad or the moon that showers its brightest light on your crystal to revive it to its brightest form. It is highly recommendable to cleanse your crystal in every 30 days.

•    Music: Sound is the most powerful weapon of times; Music soothes the human soul and also helps crystals to break down the stored energies. 

•    Nature Shower: Nothing is more effective than nature itself, put your crystal in the rainfall or thunderstorms, it will wash out all the stored negative energies, as well as the positive energies.

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