Tips To Aid Good Vibrations In Your Life With Healing Crystals

Tips To Aid Good Vibrations In Your Life With Healing Crystals

Crystals have been used for healing purposes for centuries.  The crystals have certain metaphysical properties that have the ability to eliminate deep-seated issues and improving physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

Each crystal is special and each one has its own importance and set of powers. Depending upon the purpose, one needs to choose the crystal.

The healing technique involving crystals is a process where one has to work with the energies and bring them together in harmony and balance. Understanding the crystals and their metaphysical properties is the first step towards having good vibrations to heal your body and keep you happy.

Here are a few tips to get the healing crystals to get and give good vibrations to you and your body.

  • Clean and re-energize the crystal

After having chosen the crystal or the crystal having chosen you, cleaning and re-energizing the crystal is an important step to rid the crystal of any negative energy it might have picked up from its last use. There is a number of ways the crystals can be cleaned and revitalized depending upon the crystal being used.

  • Keep the crystal close to you

Keep the crystal close to you in any way you can. During the day, wear it as jewelry so it can be close to your aura and in the night time, keep it under your pillow or by the nightstand. If it cannot be set in jewelry, use it in its original form and place it around your house or workplace or both. This way it will always be close to you and its healing properties will continue to affect you at all times.

  • Place the crystal on the written intention

As you must be aware, crystals need to be prepped with the intention for which they are being used. Placing the crystal on written intention will help in serving as a reminder for your inner consciousness of the intention and also, act as a battery to help the crystal work its magic on the intention.

  • Use the crystals to heal your chakras

If you are aware of your chakras and know if any one of them is affected, use can use crystals to heal that particular chakra with the corresponding color crystal. Placing that crystal on the chakra will help in healing it and getting rid of bad or low vibrations.  

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