Tibetan Quartz: It's Meaning & Its Uses

Tibet Quartz and Its uses
This crystal is famous for its powers of protection and purification. It clears and expands the aura, raising the vibrations so the physical body can attune to its light body. It expands psychic abilities and is said to vibrationally give out the sacred Om sound of the universe when placed over the Third Eye.
Tibetan Quartz
This crystal is an excellent stone to deflect negativity from your mind, especially when you are meditating. This crystal has powers that connect you to the wisdom of the monks of Tibet. This crystal has a reputation as one of the most powerful stones of spiritual protection known to us.
Carrying one of these crystals is said to form a bubble of light around your body that allows only positive vibrations to penetrate the auric field.
This crystal can be found in the Himalayan mountains which are one of the most sacred locations in the world. So naturally, a crystal coming from such a holy place is bound to have metaphysical properties and high vibrations. Deposits of this crystal can be found in locations like Brazil, India, Namibia, Madagascar, Pakistan and Russia.
The healing energies of this crystal fill you with hope and enthusiasm that allows you to tackle the daily challenges in your life. This crystal helps you remain centred and allows you to integrate your frequencies so that you can better experience them in your daily life.
This is an excellent meditation crystal and will unlock your higher unconsciousness and allow you to connect with the higher realms.
This crystal is used to stimulate healing of any kind of disease or healing after surgery. This crystal is known as the master healer and can be effective in healing or repairing the nervous and immune system.
This crystal also soothes and burns other skin conditions and can be used as an all-round pain reliever. The energies of this crystal promote physical vitality.
Tibetan quartz is a crystal that will inspire you to dream bigger and achieve more, especially when it comes to your wealth. This crystal will amplify your prayer or your wish and ensure that it bears fruit. This stone will also bring more joy into your relationships and will open your heart to accept the reality of your partner.
All in all, this crystal is a life changer if it suits you and hence proves to be a healthy addition to your healing kit.

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