The Right Places to Keep the Best Crystals

Crystal healing is a complex subject that has many facets that can be learned and mastered. Most people seem to think that crystals work only when they are turned into jewellery and kept close to their body at all times.
That happens to be false since crystals can also be kept in your house at various places to promote peace, prosperity and harmony. When the right crystal is kept in the right place, they can do wonders to the overall good fortune of you and your family.
Many people solve dual purposes by placing crystals in an appropriate place, while simultaneously using them to decorate the space they’re in. Many crystals have the properties to amplify and influence the energy and mood of a place.
Here’s a look at some stones to grace specific places in your households.
Front Door: Crystals best suited for the front door are Black Tourmaline and Jade. Black Tourmaline is a stone that attracts cleansing and protection. It’s perfect to enter your house with a fresh and clean perspective and leave the negativity picked up, outside. Add a piece of Jade with it, to attract good luck and wealth.

Bedroom: This is the room where the magic happens! If you want to bring positive vibes to your love life, decorate your bedroom with Rose Quartz, the stone of love. Amethyst will take care of any issues you have in falling asleep, and again, use Black Tourmaline for cleansing.

Living Room: This is the room where you sit back and relax. Amber is the stone that helps you bring a sense of peace. Add a piece of Amethyst with the Amber on your coffee table, and you’re sorted with vibes of good communication and peace.

Kitchen: The best crystals to keep with you in the kitchen are Carnelian, Celestite, Rose Quartz and Citrine. Carnelian is energizing and brings forth a sense of creative energy to use during whipping up a new meal! Rose quartz adds the nurturing love, Citrine brings focus, and Celestite brings health and wellbeing.

Bathroom: Clear Quartz is a crystal that brings the energy of clarity and cleansing. Coupled with Rose Quartz to bring some of that healthy nurturing love, your showers will start to feel like a brand new experience!

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