The Properties And The Power Of Celestine Crystals That Make It Desirable

The Properties And The Power Of Celestine Crystals That Make It Desirable

Celestine has a special place in the universe, one that connects the human with the heavens and angels.

What is Celestine?

Celestine is a gorgeous, pale blue gemstone that is available in many parts of the world in either small crystal or massive forms. It is made up of string sulfate which is a mixture of oxygen and strontium.

The term Celestine is derived from a Latin word caelestis meaning sky or heaven. It appears in pale blue color with a greyish hue and if some are lucky, they may find it in other colors like orange, green, or red and resembles the sky. The crystal is used to communicate with the heavenly bodies or with our guardian angel. If one was to put it simply, Celestine is the stone of divinity, connecting this realm to the higher realm above.

Properties of Celestine

Colored like a sky, the Celestine appears pure and holy. Due to its divinity, the gemstone is revered around the world. The crystal is quite soft compared to other gemstones standing at 3 on Mohs scale of hardness and due to its softness; it is hardly used as a gemstone but is used more like an addition.

The crystals are formed in the shapes of either prism or tabular and often appear in smaller sizes.

The crystal is high in vibration, sending out vibrations in every direction. The stone spreads a feeling of warmth, harmony, and peace and one feels good only by looking at it. It helps in cleansing our souls and connecting our souls to the higher powers.

Healing properties

Celestine is often used as a healer to heal our inner self. It instills calmness and peace in its users and is a great aid for those into meditation. The crystal calms the mind and effectively stops all the mindless chattering that happens in our minds, thereby, calming us in the process.

Celestine helps in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. It

  • Helps us get rid of fears and anxiety
  • Helps us connect with the higher powers
  • Helps us get rid of any kind of addictions
  • Helps in communicating with our guardian angel
  • Helps in healing our aura

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