The power of sunstone crystal its benefits and healing properties


The characteristic structure of a Sunstone is yellow, orange or brown Feldspar, with light reflecting inclusions that give it a glittery effect.

The appearance of this optical phenomenon depends on the size of inclusions. Small inclusions create a reddish or golden sheen while larger inclusions create an attractive, glittery reflection.

Needless to stress, sunstone forms a great crystal in our crystal bracelet line-up. It is a major stone used in the stress bracelet and the weight loss bracelet.

The crystal has immense benefits and is used for a variety of healing purposes. Let us have a look at them one by one:


It is a strong crystal to enhance leadership qualities, although this leadership is from the new way of thinking.

This leadership brings the aspects of responsibility for being of service and aiding others to help themselves on their journey.

For this purpose, you can use the leadership ability bracelets for such requirements from Crystal agate bracelets.


It gives you useful ways to relieve stress and is helpful if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder during the shorter days of the year.

It carries a stress buster bracelet vibration and a Sunstone is effective if you are feeling stressed.


Their vibration will bring through powerful energy to support and assist the development of the Merkabah within the Lightbody.

Through this you may awaken your cosmic consciousness. By the action of these stones to enhance this area of your life, you will create a more simple and straightforward way of thinking.

For this purpose, you can try our triple health bracelet for such requirements from Crystal agate bracelets.


It is a strong manifestation crystal and will bring the things that you most desire, in the best manner for your overall spiritual growth.

Used at the solar plexus chakra they may aid you to manifest money if that is what your highest and best needs are at the time.

By creating an improved state of consciousness you may enhance your effectiveness at manifesting, and the overall health of this chakra may also improve.

For this purpose, you can try our triple meditation bracelet for such requirements from Crystal agate bracelets.


The Sunstone will help you to increase your energy flow to both the power chakra and the sacral chakra.

Sunstone will activate and align these chakras. These are excellent stones to enhance leadership qualities and to aid others to help themselves.

They will enhance your creativity if you use these stones at the sacral chakra.

For this purpose, you can try our triple protection bracelet for such requirements from Crystal agate bracelets.


If you are feeling that life is not what you want it to be, sunstone crystal may help you to feel better. For anyone who is feeling depression, using a Sunstone may help you.

These bright stones embody warmth, strength and vitality within them, which makes them positive stones. The energy of these stones helps you to release stress and will stimulate mental clarity and clear thinking.

As you continue to improve the flow of energy to the lower chakras you may eliminate problems that have been causing lack and limitations. They may help you to be open to blessing others with your personal abilities and gifts.

For this purpose, you can try our anti-depression bracelet for such requirements from Crystal agate bracelets.


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