The Meaning and Benefits of the Spinel Crystal

Spinel is a stone of calm and peace. It aids the renewal and removal of feelings of physical and mental blockages. It connects its user to higher powers with a sense of divine, cosmic connectivity.
If you’re a workaholic and like to give your 100% to your line of work, Spinel might just be the stone for you. It has powers of revitalization that are perfect for people who love to exhaust themselves in the line of service. With a piece of spinel in your armory, you can be ready for challenges beyond your realm of possibilities.
It is good for recovering from diseases and other health complications. For people with bone, muscle, and joint issues will find that Spinel can be a really helpful stone. It aids with problems related to movement. That is what metaphorically the crystal represents movement.
If you’ve been in a difficult situation as of late, consider getting yourself a piece of Spinel, because it has excellent uplifting powers, perfect to keep around in situations of crisis and calamity. It lowers stress, reduces anxiety, and increases the overall motivation of a person. This keeps people focused on their goals and allows them to stay positive.
The red Spinel Crystal is associated with the Heart and the Root Chakras, which help bring the perfect balance of unbreakable confidence and physical vitality.
The pink variety of this magical crystal is perfect for people suffering from major symptoms of chronic fatigue. Its relaxing power is one of its kind and makes it a very valuable stone for people who want to sit back and feel stress-free after a hard day at work.
Pink Spinel is also great for couples in long-distance relationships to maintain love and support even from a distance. Peach tinted Spinel is useful for softening vitriol towards the fellow man and self.
It is a good crystal to keep for people who find that they are getting bitter and bitter towards everyone and everything. Blue Spinel stimulates the third eye chakra and helps people focus on godly levels of mental strength and also enhances physical abilities.

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