The Many Benefits of Unakite Crystal

When hydrothermal activity alters the evolution of a heap of granite, this unique crystal is formed. Unakite is also known as epidotized granite and is a blend of green epidote, pink orthoclase feldspar, and clear quartz.
It also has a trace amount of other minerals like magnetite and zircon which gives it the variety within the branch of the stone. In a bulk quantity, Unakite is only found as rocks and not as crystals. Mostly found in the Americas, Unakite is more likely to be mined in the U.S.A., Brazil, China, and South Africa.
The true definition of a rock is to be a composite of other stones and minerals. Unakite in all its glory is a true rock and is loved for that reason only. It has a signature ‘moss on brick’ appearance which is whacky, but unique and gives the gemstone its identity.
It has exceptional metaphysical properties for people looking to get more out of life. It is a stone of balance and has major grounding energy. It helps people bring their spiritual and emotional selves together to find greater harmony and lasting peace.
It is useful for opening and stimulating the third eye chakra. For a skilled crystal worker, scrying is also an option with Unakite, since it has properties of foretelling the future if one knows how to look closely.
If you’re someone who’s in recovery from an illness, a major medical procedure, an injury, or an addiction, Unakite has an excellent use for convalescence. It also has a positive impact on the sexual system of both men and women.
Men find an increase in their libido and improved vitality, whereas pregnant women find going through labor easier because of Unakite. It is also good for the growing baby’s hair and skin.
Unakite has connectivity and association with 2 chakras, the third eye, and heart chakras. With the third eye, it brings in scrying and a broader perspective. For the heart chakra, it serves by balancing emotions and regulating your mental health. All in all, Unakite is a good stone for a crystal collection because of its unique look and properties.

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