The Many Benefits of Malachite

Malachite is a very significant stone in the world of healing crystals. It has the powers of protection on a godly level. It absorbs pollutants both from the body and the atmosphere, making a calm and clear surrounding for the human it is connected to.
It also guards against invisible pollutants like electromagnetic radiation. If you’re someone that has a hard time connecting to people intimately and affectionately, Malachite can help open the floodgates for unconditional love.
By clearing and unblocking your energy, and activating your chakras, Malachite can help you approach absolute spiritual guidance.
It helps you get involved in things you hesitate being involved in and encourages risk-taking. You see things and perspectives clearly when using Malachite. It can make you see the importance of the people you have in life.
Some people you need to get rid of, but because of history you can’t just do that, or are too blind to obvious facts about outworn partners and ties unwanted and undeserved. Malachite helps you declutter all this negative stuff from your life.
For women, Malachite has many specific benefits. It can help in relieving pain from menstrual disorders such as PMT; prove to be an effective aid during pregnancy labour, and also help you through the monthly aches of regular periods. It can also be a good companion during menopause, helping you in the transition, both mentally and physically.
Malachite is also helpful with many other serious illnesses. People with high blood pressure can find relief since Malachite helps lower blood pressure. It is known to provide relief for people with asthma, arthritis, and epilepsy.
It is also said that keeping Malachite close to you when you have a fracture, swollen joints, unwanted growths, travel sickness, vertigo, and problems of the spleen and thyroid. It pinpoints tumours, and also repairs and realigns the DNA and cellular structure to prevent cancer.
In more ways than one, Malachite helps you detoxify your system and keep it clean.

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