The Healing Properties Of Green Obsidian

Obsidian is a dark volcanic rock/glass that is made by the rapid cooling of lava without crystallization. This crystal is usually dark and often black in colour.
The green obsidian gets its green colour from varying amounts of iron and magnesium or by gas bubbles that get trapped in the rock by the cooling process.
Green obsidian is a rare form of obsidian that can run from an opaque with a green sheen to almost translucent.
Many people are drawn to this glass gemlike stone, both for its colour and for its benefits as a healing crystal. This crystal is found in Guatemala, Mexico, Mesoamerica, the Sierra Madre Mountains and in Glass Mountain in Northern California.
This crystal is associated with nature and love. It is believed to redirect your life to a better path so you can achieve a life full of freedom. It is also thought that green obsidian will remove blockages from your chakras.
This stone offers many benefits, especially that can connect you to nature in a new way. It is believed that this is a nurturing stone that will help you realize the tenderness of love
. Green Obsidian is a crystal that stimulates the heart chakra. The projective energy of this stone will help you to remove the obstacles in your aura that have needed to be removed for a long time.
This stone has both mystical and healing properties that can aid you in achieving the happiness you deserve.
Just like any other obsidian, this crystal can help you achieve spiritual invulnerability.
It is believed that this stone can help pets who dislike living in congested areas achieve inner peace and calmness and even improve the life of plants around you. It is believed to be a cleansing stone that will help with psychic self-defence and protect you from negative influences.

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