The Healing Power of Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal


The healing power of watermelon tourmaline crystalTourmaline is a precious stone known to man since ancient times. It has an extraordinary color. According to an ancient Egyptian legend, the stone travels from the Sun to the Earth, absorbed the splendor color of the rainbow. The beauty of the stone admired throughout the ancient world.

  • Since ancient times, people endowed with tourmaline healing and magical properties, but because they are always used as talismans and amulets. Stone therapists and now we claim that tourmaline has a positive effect on the endocrine system and the nervous system, dispelling fears, focusing.
  • Studies claim that tourmaline can be used as indicators of radioactivity. As has been said, in more than 20 mineral elements, and each of them has its properties and provides the stone owner of an impact. Therefore, it is believed that the universal healing tourmaline, it seems to me, envelops us with its protective field. The gem has a beneficial effect on human health, creates a sense of peace and security, helps with diseases of the liver and circulatory system.
  • And another unique property, which is credited with tourmaline - is a strong therapeutic tool in Oncology. As for the magical properties, the impact of stone per person is expected, depending on the color of the crystal. For example, red tourmaline gives huge erotic energy (astrologers), green awaken the creative power and promote a cheerful mood.
  • Besides all these skills of the stone, it has rejuvenating qualities, especially the green tourmaline. Blue tourmaline promotes good healthy sleep, black absorbs negative energy and neutralizes negative emotions. Colorless stones create physical and mental balance, multicolor help to look with optimism towards the future.

Tourmalines are good and, in gold and silver. Astrologers recommend wearing pendants and rings on the index finger of the right hand or on the middle finger of the left hand.

  • Properties of Watermelon Tourmaline:
  1. It favors inner harmony and order, balancing projective and receptive forces.
  2. It promotes friendship and brotherhood, eliminating possible forms of racism and developing harmony inside and outside of us.
  3. It helps to blend spirit, mind, emotions, and body in a harmonious unity from which wisdom and creativity develop.
  4. It alleviates depressive states and fears, giving peace and security.
  5. It makes the dream life creative, stimulating imagination and imagination.
  6. Makes sensitive and receptive.
  7. It helps to affirm one's will and to make one's own reasons.
  8. It promotes regenerative processes and is useful in cases of paresis and multiple sclerosis.
  9. It restrains brain alterations, rebalancing activity.
  10. It sums up the sexual energy and strengthens the immune system.
  11. Stimulates the metabolism and activity of the endocrine glands.


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