The Healing Power of Azurite Crystal

Azurite is a stone that is usually found bound to Malachite since it is a copper carbonate hydroxide found in copper mines. Unless the Azurite is too young, it will be seen with Malachite because through the years, and it forms into Malachite. It is also found with Chrysocolla.

Azurite is a crystal with a lot of historical significance, especially in ancient Egypt. There, it was considered a very sacred stone that only priests knew the secrets of and guarded them to their graves.

They kept in their inner sanctums where they’d use it for understanding the will of the gods. Azurite has been famously linked to the ancient wisdom of the lost city of Atlantis.

Like many crystals, Azurite has a myriad of physical and metaphysical healing benefits. When it comes to aiding our physical well being, Azurite treats problems like arthritis and other joint problems.

It is beneficial in regulating healthy bones. It is also perfect for the nervous system since it aligns itself with the spine and works on a cellular level to repair cellular damage and blockages to the brain. This crystal also restores and heals the kidneys, gall bladder, liver, spleen, thyroid problems, teeth, skin, and also aids in detoxification. For pregnant women, Azurite is an excellent stone since it aids in the development of the embryo.

It is also beneficial in recurring problems like migraines and vertigo. But Azurite is not just a stone for physical issues; it also has many benefits for our emotional health. For people who have a lot of past life trauma, Azurite heals the emotional pain caused by it to move ahead in their lives and leave the past where it belongs.

Your past actions have a toll on karma in your current life. This karmic balance can be achieved through Azurite by releasing that built up negative energy. It is also a stone of transformation, allowing people to transition from one phase of their life to another seamlessly.

Azurite overall is a mighty healing stone that helps us contemplate the effect of thoughts and emotions on our bodies. It will bring us the power and understanding to see things from other perspectives.

It helps us maturely let go of our preconceived notions about things open our minds to alternative thinking ways. It stimulates memory and helps us get super effective in communication by dissolving the blocks that stop us from communicating effectively.

All in all, Azurite as a healing stone has something for everyone and is highly recommended for crystal collectors, both new and experienced!

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