The Best Crystals To Stop Nightmares

The Best Crystals To Stop Nightmares
Disclaimer: Recurring nightmares and insomnia resulting due to it is a serious medical issue and hence medical attention is necessary in such cases. Crystals should be used as a complement to your doctor’s medicine and not as a supplement to it.
Everybody likes to have a sound sleep at night and wake up the next day feeling rejoiced and energetic.
There are high chances that you might dream about something in your sleep, however, such dreams will make you feel good only if they are positive in nature.
In case you have bad dreams, it might damage your overall mood and can spoil your next day as well.
Nightmares are the worst dreams because they are filled with fear and helplessness.
You tend to wake up in the middle of the night when you have a nightmare, which disturbs your sleep cycle.
Thus, it is necessary to counter such negative dreams and crystals are the best way to do so.
They ward off the negative energies that cause such nightmares and help to stimulate good dreams.

Following is a list of few crystals that can be used to prevent nightmares:



This stone is one of the most relaxing stones in existence.
Amethyst balances your third-eye chakra, which is the center of perception and command.
Our consciousness is located in this chakra and it helps to direct our sight and everyday awareness of the world.
Amethyst clears our mind and opens it for new ideas, dreams and visions.
This stone ensures that our thoughts and internal communications are healthy and vibrant.

Purple Fluorite

purple fluorite

This stone is also known as the “Dream Maker” and is best suited for relieving you from nightmares.
It protects your mind during sleep and wards off negative energies that result in nightmares and dreams.
Purple fluorite ensures that you receive a peaceful, relaxing and invigorating sleep.
This stone is a perfect choice if you wish to get relief from a chaotic mindset which causes sleep deprivation.



Often it happens that the nightmares which you get remind you of the abuse or trauma you have faced in real life.
To tackle such bad dreams, hematite can be used.
This is a very grounding crystal that forms a shield around your mind when you sleep.
This dispels traumatizing dreams and you wake up feeling refreshed.
Hematite clears your mind of all the toxicity which is the main reason you are able to get a sound sleep.



Also known as the “peace stone”, lepidolite creates a soothing and relaxed state which calms your mind and helps you to sleep.
It removes all the stress and balances the mind, body and spirit.
Lepidolite also makes you feel happy and optimistic from the inside which helps in getting positive and rejuvenating dreams.
Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many other stones that help you to get a peaceful sleep and positive dreams.
These crystals reduce the frequency and severity of a nightmare and assist in getting good sleep.

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