The Best Crystals for December

Best Crystals for December
Being the last month of the year, the month of December has a lot of importance in this world.
The first and the foremost feeling that you get once December starts is the arrival of Christmas and New Year.
Everyone loves the holiday season and December is a month that hosts it.
Besides this, you tend to recollect how your entire year went and what all you achieved and what you missed out on in your life.
This month also lets you plan ahead for the upcoming year by changing certain things in your life.
Thus, the 12th month of the year is filled with mixed feelings like anxiety, stress or even sorrow.
You need a specific set of crystals for this particular month which will help you to overcome these feelings and will recharge you to face the new year.

Following are a few stones that fall under this list:



This stone has been associated with the month of December for thousands of years.

Ancient cultures used this stone as a talisman for protection, prosperity, and luck.

This stone not only ensures overall fitness but also enhances the positivity inside you.

The feminine and calming energies of this stone promote tranquility and refreshing attitude.

Turquoise can be used to promote a feeling of togetherness, friendship, love, and joy.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli
This stone encourages self-awareness and self-expression inside you which helps you to introspect what went wrong and work on it accordingly.

Lapis lazuli promotes feelings of honesty, compassion, and morality in the user.

It also encourages you to speak the truth and promotes confidence to deal with the upcoming year.




For people who have made a lot of mistakes throughout the year and have lost some good opportunities, chrysoprase proves to be very useful.

This stone takes you out of your depressed state of mind and instills a delightful attitude inside you.

This stone also helps to attract new love, abundance, and prosperity.

Chrysoprase heals the heart of the energy of stress and anxiety and enlivens your life.


It is very necessary to talk with your loved ones and share your feelings with them.

Tanzanite is a stone that promotes this kind of sharing which helps to enhance the holiday atmosphere.

It stimulates the throat, crown and third-eye chakras and helps you to communicate with your spiritual angels and take guidance from them to tackle the new year.

Tanzanite is a stone of transformation and can dissolve old patterns of disease and karma.

The winter chills, the Christmas jingles and the New Year’s Eve are the most exciting things about December and you need to be ready to enjoy these things without feeling sad or anxious.

The crystals mentioned above will help you to effectively deal with your issues and enjoy the month of December to the fullest.  

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