Techniques to balance your chakras with crystal bracelets


Crystals symbolize spiritual purity and perfection. The power of these minerals is “in the eye of the beholder”

People claim that they can feel sensations while holding the crystals, sensations such as tingling, heat and vibrations. This proves that these are no normal stones, they are the ones that help a person heal, hence the name healing crystals.

So, what are the 7 chakras and why do we need to balance for ourselves?

Chakras can play a huge role in supporting your wellness, achieving and maintaining balance. Crystal healing is all about what feels good to you and what works best with your daily lifestyle. That’s why we have so many options to choose from CRYSTALS AGATE BRACELETS ranging from stress bracelets, sleep bracelets, anti depression bracelets, weight loss bracelets, success bracelets, protection bracelets and many more that you can find at our online platform.

The word ‘chakra’ is a Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’. The chakra system is a part of ancient Indian teachings called the Vedas, which originated a very long time ago. Chakras are basically energy vortexes within us, where energy can both enter and leave.

As you all know, the body has seven chakras respectively. This set of 7 chakra stone include: amethyst (crown chakra) carnelian (sacral chakra), yellow jade (solar plexus), green aventurine (heart chakra), lapis lazuli (throat chakra), clear crystal (third-eye chakra) and red jasper (root chakra). All this is used for reiki, healing, meditation, chakra balancing or in the form of rituals.


Here are 3 techniques that you can start implementing today to help balance your chakras:

  1. Diet has a major impact on the chakras in your body. How is this? Eating the colors of the rainbow has been said to aid chakras in their functioning in the human body.
  1. Crystals can play a major role in the upkeep of the chakras. You can simply place a corresponding crystal onto each chakra centre to clear your chakras. This helps balancing and alignment. This can be done by an individual from ten minutes to upto multiple hours as per the desire of the individual.
  1. Smudging your auric field as well as your physical space (your home, office, or car) can also help to maintain the balance of your chakras. Smudging can bring peace and clarity amongst your energy fields benefiting one’s chakras.


There is a lot more to be discussed on this agenda. So, we have decided to pause today’s agenda at this point and continue the same in the upcoming blog on crystal agate bracelets. In the upcoming article, we would be throwing light on how are chakras maintained?

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